Why the "three noes" plastic bag Jinerbuzhi

Wang Shufeng carry out the "plastic limit", should be "blocking" sparse "flip scans combination: on the one hand, banning the production and use of substandard plastic bags, block the source; other hand, harmonization of procurement, sales, Chengdu farmers market Associationto guide operators of goods, consumers use qualified environmental plastic bag.

Wang Shufeng opinion, to encourage, through financial subsidies and other forms of support plastic manufacturers have the ability to report to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other relevant departments, and obtained the production license and QS certified on the basis of the production of biodegradable qualified plastic bags.

Otherwise Insiders pointed out that the emergence of plastic bags is to guide and support in order to facilitate the public, it is necessary to china data strip change this habit, heavy to carry her basket, guide and adapt bonus "paid" by the merchants exclusive, environmental costs are borne by all members of society the current situation is not conducive to the "plastic limit" promotion. Plastic limit, experience shows that national ban plastic guide more effective than charges. Such as the number of supermarkets in the United States, as long as the use of reusable shopping bags, cashier give a reward of 5 cents; some European countries, plastic bags TM, as well as some local businesses, gratuitous gift basket ... "These measures are a warm, considerate the way, subtly guiding the public to develop environmentally friendly habits. 'plastic limit' as a matter of public policy, resulting in a benefit to the people of effectiveness, but also make.